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Bungie’s final development and movement mechanics of Destiny Enemy Race “The Fallen”


By Nan Lawson



By Nan Lawson

Eugene's dominion.
inFamous: Second Son + Photo Mode (42/??)
friend who lives hundreds of miles away: i made food
me: can i have some


The Last of Us concept art | Winter

ALS ice bucket challenge?? I tag beanchucker wolf-spirit-s


friends: how can u still wear black, its summer



The Last of Us Optional Conversations

'Stop feeding us lies! Give us our rations!'

IGN’s Game of the Year Award for the past decade

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duhhh, I mean where is le download link?( - □-)/

i download from the playstation store brUH 

It’s funny there are people who are so attached to the original series and it’s funny because when they confront us and they write us critical things like they’ll write us a little fan letter like… Mike and I remember during Avatar how people would be like ‘I don’t like this, and kind of whining about every little thing in the show, and really mad about how a season finale would end, and ‘I can’t believe you’d put the characters through that,’ and now that years have been removed from that, the feedback we get now about Avatar is like, ‘It’s perfect, there is nothing wrong with it, and every moment of it is perfect,’ and I don’t think every moment is perfect, I have tons of problems throughout the series, but I love it and I’m proud of it. And then with Korra they’re nitpicking every little thing and there’s a lot of comparing of Korra to, not just the shows, but comparing the character of Korra to Aang like ‘Aang was such a sweet, gentle soul, and Korra is just, she’s awful!’ …I always think back at New York Comic Con, it was at a point early in Book 2 where Korra was kind of going off the rails, and I remember Mike and the writers really wanted this civil war, she’s gonna take it very personally and it’s gonna cloud her judgement, and she’s not making good decisions. And people really didn’t like it, and I remember being interviewed in New York and they were like, ‘People hate Korra… so why did you do it?’ And I was like wow, and like, Aang was like going on a rampage in the middle of the desert beating people up because someone took his bison.
BRYAN KONIETZKO TELLING IT LIKE IT IS, on the Nerdist Writers Panel Podcast (via avatarskorra)

You see this?

You see this?